What People Say About Training With Us

The staff at FIT JUST 4 U has the expertise to support and facilitate full actualization of my goals. The individualized and 1 on 1 attention that I receive there is what makes this gym special. I don’t think that I could have chosen a better facility to help me reach my goals. Thanks FIT JUST 4 U

Tammi Smith

Date of Review: January 15, 2018

Once I visited Fit Just 4 U, I found it was the perfect place for me. Personal trainer, JoAnn, completely understands my body type, weakness and strengths, at 50 years old. Fit Just 4 U is a small gym and never has more than 3 trainers there, at once. Usually, on two. I don’t like the idea of going to a big gym with lots of people. This gym feels intimate and personal. JoAnn has catered every exercise and workout so that I get the maximum benefit without killing myself. I don’t like jumping jacks, so she gives me other exercises that I enjoy but get the same benefit.

Since coming to Fit in August 2016, I have lost 23 lbs and 20+ inches but most of the results occurred around the 3rd and 4th month. Thank you for changing my life, thank you for changing me. I never knew all of the changes and benefits I would get from exercising and eating right. Thank you so much!

Susannah Mayo

Date Of Review: Jan 24, 2017

I have been very happy with the one on one personal training I have been receiving at Fit Just4U. My Fit Just4U trainer Robert Myers has been tremendously helpful in keeping me focused, motivated and working hard during our workouts. Thank you Fit Just4U for being a key part of my effort towards a healthier lifestyle.


Systems Engineer

‘I am 50 Plus years of age and have benefited greatly through my experience at FitJust4U. I love my results and the new me as well as working with a trainer who can fashion a resulted oriented program for individuals in my age group. I have dropped 30 pounds over the last 12 months and several dress sizes as a result of working with my trainer at Fit Just4U. I have more energy than ever and love the way I look and feel. Thumbs Up for FitJust4U.

Linda Kinchen, RN

I have used the services of a personal trainer for several years and consider it lifestyle choice for better health. I can and know that is a definite difference in what I will push myself to do as opposed to the levels I can achieve with the motivation of my trainer. Five stars for Fit Just4U.

Debora Nixon, RN

Business Owner

My trainer at Fit Just4U has given me the tools to make better nutrition choices and not just engage in unconcious eating. Having someone to be accountable to makes a difference and I am glad I made the choice to become a FitJust4U particpant. Hats off to Fit Just4U.

Arnell. Evans