Buddy Training




Get Fit Together! Our Buddy Training Fit Over 50 program allows you to experience the benefits of personal training in a group setting with people you know and like! Everything is more fun together!    Participants are guided through a circuit of exercises within a specific time frame to improve strength, endurance, and muscle tone.

The benefits of Buddy Training include:

  • Choosing your Buddies: The fitness experience when shared with friends adds both fun and accountability to the experience. Choosing the right partners is paramount for the overall success of the Buddy Training Program. It is therefore recommended that your partners of choice are individuals who you have bonded with as friends or family and will be committed to the team’s success individually and collectively and committed to attending all scheduled training sessions – together!
  • Cost Effective – In addition to the fun, the Buddy Program allows 3-4 participants to share the cost of training sessions. With a Buddy Team you’ll all reap the many of the benefits of personal training, but at a reduced rate because you are sharing.
  • Accountability – Motivation and accountability among your buddies are an added benefit of participating in Group training. Participants encourage each to stay on track with their fitness regimen and nutrition programs throughout the week and between sessions.
  • Stronger Together: It’s easier to do hard things when you’re doing it with friends. We’re here to help you and your buddies strengthen your bonds and your bodies!

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